ANNO 1503

ANNO 1503

A new World exploration economic simulator
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Explore different economic systems and build cities in the New World colonization settings. Construct special buildings to accumulate resources, manage the population and increase wealth while defending your structures from opponents. The game has stylized graphics and a story mode.

1503 A.D brings something largely new to the younger RTS fans looking for something really unique and different. Old timers will also enjoy the original flavor that comes with this game. To those who have played 1602 AD, this will feel the same as before since not much has changed, but if you enjoyed the first one, pop this puppy in. All that’s really left to see is how much multiplayer can bring to the game when the patch is released. Sunflower has also promised several free scenarios to be put on the net in due time that adds more options and style to the game. Even with the bland sound design and not being allowed to play anything other than English, 1503 A.D. should be added to every RTS player’s to do list.

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